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India is a house of mystery, contrasts, conundrums and wonder and a land steeped in spirituality where every grain of sand is sacred. The land offers a bunch of experiences with the evergreen Taj Mahal to the land of safaris. India is as fascinating as diamonds with all the age old civilization. As Indians, we should explore the nation at its fullest potential.

You can plan out your India tour at just a click of the mouse. Today, tourism in India has flourished to a great extent and it has become a thriving industry.

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Explore India’s hill stations and plan your holidays with us.

If you are searching for a tourist destination which can be called perfect on the parameters of natural beauty then you are most welcome to India. India is a land of picturesque beauty consisting of numerous hill stations, beaches, adventure spots, etc. But what make India exquisitely beautiful are its hill stations. Let us have a glance at some of the hill stations one must never miss out if planning to discover most of them this season.

Top Places to Explore

Hill Stations Beautifying Northern India

If you’ve planned a trip to the hill stations of Northern India, then there are some spots one must never skip. Some of the most amazing hill stations of northern India include Badrinath- a hill station above Alaknanda River, Chail- a hill station 2250 meters higher to sea level, and Gangotri, a pious hill station attracting numerous visitors every year. Other eminent names also include Kullu, Manali, Mount Abu, Nainital, Shimla, Sonamarg and Mussourie. Planning a chilling vacation to the hill stations of northern India can never be a plan lacking excitement.

South Indian Hill Stations are Amazing to Visit

If you plan to spend your coming vacation in some of the greatest ever hill stations then undoubtedly you should visit Southern India and discover the beauty of hill stations there. Some of the amazing hill stations of Southern India include Anantagiri, Coonoor, Idukki, Horsley, Devikulam, Nandi, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar and peermade hill stations. These hill stations are blessed with abundant natural beauty and anyone planning a trip to these places will go back home with best ever memories.

Hill Stations in Eastern India Make an Exquisite Trip

If you want to discover some of the exquisite locations in the coming holiday then believe me there cannot be a better idea than choosing the hill stations of Eastern India. Some of the hill stations that are recommended to visit in a trip to eastern India are Darjeeling, Shillong, Kalimpong, Tawang, Mirik, etc. Although the region does not have an end number of hill stations to give you ample of choice, believe me the hill stations of the eastern region are beyond comparison.

An Exciting Trip to the Hill Stations of Western India

West India is a place where one can find numerous picturesque and romantic places to move about. Discovering the climate and scenic beauty of the region is all the more fun thing to do. If you have plans to discover the chilling hill stations of western India in the coming holiday then you are all set to have a blast. Some of the hill stations one must visit on a trip to western India are Khanadala, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Matehran, Satpura, Lonavala and Panhala.

Explore Wildness of India

See what India’s wildlife holds for you.

India is a country with abundant natural beauty which not only includes its exotic beaches, chilling hill stations, picturesque plains, exciting adventure sport zones but also its rich wild life which is spread across the country in abundance. With no fewer than 543 wildlife sanctuaries and 101 national parks, India is regarded as a hub for preserving wildlife. As the most adorable wildlife destination across the globe, India stands tall boasting about housing around 30,000 insect species, 1230 species of birds, 455 reptile species, 390 mammal species and around 210 species of amphibians. If you too are an enthusiast of wildlife and plan to spend your coming vacation experiencing the exciting wildlife then there probably cannot be a place better than India. Take a glance at some of the amazing wildlife sanctuaries one can pick and choose from on a wildlife tour of India.

Top Wildlife Travel Places in India

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Northern India is Famous for Its Rich Wildlife Destinations:

If you are a true lover of wildlife sanctuaries and have plans of excursing the northern part of India for the same, then you’ve probably made a good choice. Having abundantly well kept wildlife, Northern India is said to be one of the richest destinations for wildlife admirers. Some of the wildlife destinations one cannot afford to miss on a visit to Northern India are Corbett National Park, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Other wildlife destinations of the North India include Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary, Dudhwa Wildlife Sanctuary, Nandadevi Wildlife Sanctuary, Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary.

Eastern India is a Land of Distinctive Wildlife Sanctuaries and Parks:

If you want to experience the most exquisite and distinctive of wildlife sanctuaries which are exceptionally well kept and are home to the rarest species of animals then the Wildlife Sanctuaries of Eastern India are the best. Two of the eminent names included in the Eastern Wildlife sanctuaries are Manas Wildlife Sanctuary and Karizanga Wildlife Sanctuary. While other wildlife destinations in the west include Harizabagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary, Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary, Palamau Wildlife Sanctuary and Bhitar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wildlife sanctuaries in Western India are the perfect destination for wildlife lovers:

If you are a true lover of wildlife and want to spend the most memorable years of your life on an upcoming vacation in wildlife exotica then there can be no other option better than Western India. Having an interesting wildlife feel, the place is abundant when it comes to Wildlife Sanctuaries. Two of the distinguished names here include The Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Wildlife Sanctuary. While other names include Marine Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, Malvan Marine Sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and many more.

Exquisite Wildlife Sanctuaries of Southern India:

If you want to indulge in some of the exotic wildlife pleasures which do not even give you a hint of artificiality then the Wildlife Sanctuaries of Southern India are the best. Brimming with interesting wildlife sanctuaries, Southern India has some of the best Wildlife Sanctuaries in the world. Eminent names include Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. A list of other sanctuaries also makes southern India an exciting and fun filled place to spend an ideal vacation.

So, are you still looking for better options other than India to get the maximum pleasures of a really exciting wildlife holiday? Am sure you are not, but when it comes to wildlife sanctuaries and parks, India is the best place to give a truly heavenly experience.

Historical Places to Visit in India

India can be listed as one of the most vibrant countries which is rich in heritage. The evidence of its rich heritage, culture and golden past can be seen in the form of various historical spots that are speckled all over. Not only people within India find it exciting to discover the historical places of the nation but also people from across the globe drop in to admire the historical monuments and stories related to them. The historical masterpieces in India are not clustered rather they are scattered in such a manner that to any nook or corner of the nation you move to, you’ll surely find an interesting historical place with an even more interesting story attached to it. If you are planning to travel India and get the feel of the history of India then have a look at some of the places you must visit.

Historical places one must visit in Southern India:

If you are planning a tour to Southern India and that too a historical one then probably you have an amazing choice. Southern India has been spotted with numerous historical locations in cities like Hyderabad, Bijapur, Badami, Hampi, Mysore, Bangalore, etc. Some of the amazing historical monuments you’ll can visit in southern India include Golconda, Char Minar, Mecca Masjid, Gol Gumbaj, Badami Fort and caves, Pattadakal, Mysore Palace Belur, Halebid, etc. One can also enjoy the amazing architectural beauty of the city of Hampi and refresh the mood of the garden city of Bangalore. A historic visit to south India is an amazing option for a refreshing holiday.

Historical places to visit in Eastern India:

The culture and history of eastern India is expressed to the world by the means of forts and monuments. If you are planning a splendid historical holiday in eastern India then some of the places you must visit are Khuda Baksh Oriental Library, Kesaria Buddhist Stupa, Tomb Of Shamsher Khan, Hien Tsang Memorial Hall, Maner Fort, Agan Kuan, Son Bhadra caves, Padri Ki Haveli, Pathar Ki Masjid, Lomas Rishi’s Cave, etc. Having a splendid culture and rich beautiful look, eastern India is an exciting place to visit. History lovers, it’s going to be a refreshing retreat for you.

Historical Places to be included in West India Holiday:

When exploring western India, you’ll come across a number of cities which are highly rich in historical beauty. Western India not only is found rich in historical beauty but is also rich in natural beauty. One can easily plan a historical tour to western India and explore the monuments and architectures of the past. Some of the interesting places that one should not miss in one go are Gateway of India, Aurangabad, Modhera Sun Temple, Khajuraho, Ajanta and Ellora. Rajasthan is famous for its forts and havelis-visiting places in Rajasthan will keep you enchanted with its old world charm.

Historical Places of Northern India which are Amazingly Interesting:

Northern India is the richest part of the nation when it comes to culture and history. If you are planning to see the various monuments of northern India in one go then please plan a long long trip as Northern India is supposed to be extremely rich when it comes to history. Government has also contributed a lot in terms of finances and man force for perseverance of the historical culture. Some of the must visit historical places of northern India are Taj Mahal, Humayun Tomb, India Gate, Red Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jaisalmer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Jewish Synagogue, Ajmer Sharif, Sheesh Mahal, etc.

So be it any part of India, one finds immense in terms of historical beauty. Moreover, with the support of government, the maintenance of these places and the conveyance facilities to these places are never a problem. Just plunge into the historical past of India and experience the feel which drags you into the past.

Adventure Tours in India

If you’ve chosen India as the destination for vacation full of adventures then we must congratulate you for making the best of selection. India is a country speckled with numerous adventurous destinations. Rather it can be called a host to the world when it comes to adventure destinations offering activities like trekking, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving, etc. Mentioned below are some of the destinations which we are sure will be loved by tourists who love adventure.