Mount Abu

Call it the miracle of nature or the Almighty’s creation, but this is true – a hill station in the ravishing state of Rajasthan. Situated at the south-western end of the state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is the only hill station that the state, otherwise famous for its desert, has got.

Located in the district of Sirohi, Mount Abu is situated at an altitude of 1219 meters. Mount Abu has been a famous hill station since the days of colonial rule. Being the only hill station amidst the scorching heat of the desert, Mount Abu registers a good flow of tourists from places across the country. Overseas tourists also made it a point to pay a visit to Mount Abu on their trip to Rajasthan. Moreover the Summer Festival held during the months of May attracts more crowds to this small hill station.

As history states, Mount Abu was an integral part of the kingdom ruled by the Chauhans. Later, it was leased out to the British, for whom it was the best place which could beat the desert heat. There are also two interesting legends associated with the place. One legend has it that it was here that the sage Vashisth performed a sacred ritual here to create four clans of fire or Agnikula in order to save the earth from the hands of demons. According to another, once Nandi, Lord Shiva’s Bull was trapped in one of the mountain gorges and was rescued by the youngest son of Himalayas with the help of a snake called Arbuada. Mount Abu is believed to have derived its name from here only.

A beautiful hill station in itself and home to some of the wonderful Jain temples, Mount Abu makes for a great summer getaway.